EcoDesign Wood Burning Stove

The Future of Home Heating: EcoDesign Stoves and Air Quality

The conversation around wood burning stoves in the UK has been marked by concerns over air pollution and health impacts. However, this discourse often overlooks significant advancements in stove technology, especially with the introduction of EcoDesign stoves. These developments have transformed wood burning stoves into a more sustainable heating solution. Drawing on scientific evidence, this article aims to dispel myths, highlight the benefits of modern wood burning stoves, and offer a balanced perspective on their environmental impact.

EcoDesign Stoves: A Clean Heating Revolution

EcoDesign regulations represent a pivotal advancement in reducing emissions from wood burning stoves. By setting stringent emission limits for particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and other pollutants, EcoDesign stoves offer a cleaner, more efficient home heating option. Their design ensures more complete combustion of wood, significantly reducing the harmful pollutants released into the air, both indoors and outdoors.

Scientific Evidence Supports Modern Stoves

Recent studies, including those reviewed by Dr. Amanda Lea-Langton, Senior Lecturer in Bioenergy Engineering at The University of Manchester, indicate that modern, enclosed wood burning stoves, particularly those compliant with EcoDesign regulations, have minimal impact on indoor air quality when used correctly. No scientific evidence has been found for adverse health impacts from exposure to the indoor air typically associated with these modern stoves.

Understanding Particulate Matter Sources in the Home

Dr. Lea-Langton’s review sheds light on an important aspect of indoor air pollution. Other domestic activities can emit much higher levels of PM than modern, enclosed, EcoDesign-compliant wood burning stoves:

  • Cooking: Significant PM emissions can come from cooking, especially frying and high-temperature processes.
  • Candles and Incense: These popular household items can significantly deteriorate indoor air quality compared to the emissions from modern wood burning stoves.
  • Cleaning Products and Personal Care: Sprays and aerosols contribute to indoor PM levels, underscoring the importance of mindful usage.

This analysis emphasizes the need for a comprehensive view of indoor air quality, recognizing that modern wood burning stoves, when used responsibly, are among the cleaner options for home heating.

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental and Efficiency Benefits of EcoDesign Stoves

EcoDesign stoves are not just about reducing emissions; they’re about enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation in wood combustion technology. These stoves use less fuel for the same heat output, contributing to fuel savings and environmental sustainability.

Why Choose Us: Ignite Stoves & Fires

At Ignite Stoves & Fires, we’re not just selling stoves; we’re offering a sustainable future for home heating. Our EcoDesign-compliant range, combined with our expertise and tailored solutions, ensures that your home not only stays warm but does so efficiently and environmentally friendly. From consultation to installation and beyond, we’re dedicated to providing an unmatched full-service experience.

Our Commitment to You

Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to offer not just the best products but also comprehensive support to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. By choosing Ignite Stoves & Fires, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence, sustainability, and the community.

Conclusion: A Greener Future with EcoDesign Stoves

The advancement of wood burning stoves, spearheaded by EcoDesign regulations, represents a commitment to environmental sustainability. Ignite Stoves & Fires stands ready to guide you through choosing a modern, efficient stove that fits not just your home but your values. Join us in embracing a sustainable and clean future of home heating.

About the Report Author

Dr. Amanda Lea-Langton, a leading voice in sustainable energy solutions, provides a scientific foundation for understanding the efficiency and benefits of modern, efficient stoves through her comprehensive review of wood burning stoves and indoor air quality. You can review The Report Here.


Ignite your home with warmth and sustainability—choose Ignite Stoves & Fires.


5 Things to Remember Before You Light Your Log Burner

The nights are getting colder and colder, and soon we’ll be craving that log burner to heat up our homes. Before you light it up, don’t forget these five things to remember before you light your log burner.

1) Have your chimney swept

If you have a fireplace or a log burner in your home, then you need a chimney sweep visit before you light it up again. When was the last time your chimney was swept? If you have no idea, I can assure you that it’s been too long. A properly maintained chimney is essential if you want to ensure a clean and safe burn for your log burner. Don’t take any chances with safety! Have your chimney cleaned today.

Some recommended local sweeps are:

TL Chimney Sweeps

GPA property Services

Sooty & Sweep

2) Use only quality wood from a trusted supplier

When choosing wood for your log burner, it’s important to stick with quality wood from a reliable supplier. This way you can rest assured that there are no hidden dangers lurking in your fuel source. Firewood isn’t just about warmth—it’s about the safe, efficient operation of your log burner too. After all, it is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Some recommended wood suppliers are:

Lincoln Kiln Dried Logs

Home Farm Logs

Luxury Wood

3) Stock up essential stove supplies

The days may be long and dark now, but as soon as October hits there’ll be plenty of cosy evenings spent relaxing by a warm log burner. The only way for your wood-burning stove or open fire to give you complete enjoyment is if you make sure it’s in top condition. With that in mind, stock up on essential supplies like firefighters, glass cleaners, moisture meters and matches before autumn arrives.

4) Keep the glass doors closed when you light the fire

If you don’t, warm air will rush out of your room and cold air will rush in. It might make for a fun scene in your fireplace movie, but it’s not good for your home’s energy efficiency. And if you leave your doors open for too long, you could end up causing serious harm to you or your family. So take care when using your log burner, and be sure that all household members are aware of how they should proceed.

5) Enjoy your log burner!

Now that you have everything in place, you can sit back and relax in front of your cosy log burner with peace of mind.

Introducing The Charnwood Cranmore

Introducing the NEW Charnwoodstoves Cranmore. A classic new wood burning stove designed and made on the Isle of Wight. 

Charnwood has been at the forefront of innovation and design of some of the most iconic and best-performing log burning stoves available in the UK. And with their latest addition, it appears they have done it again!

This latest stove collection takes inspiration from the Regency era with a single framed glass door and archetypal detailing. The pleasing proportions of the Cranmore make it well suited to a traditional fireplace and with a large picture window, it is an ideal replacement for an open fire. The stove can also work equally well in a freestanding situation.

Available in 2 sizes the Cranmore uses Charnwood clean burn Blu technology and is exceptionally efficient with a clearskies mark level 5 rating.

Coming to our showroom this Autumn.

More Details for the Cranmore Wood Burner

Ignite Stoves Log Burner Showroom

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Unfortunately, our showroom has had to close to in-person visitors. Nevertheless, we do not want to lose contact with our customers and still make it possible to visit, just in a more creative way.

Live virtual tour with our Stove and Fireplace experts in the showroom

Over the years we have created a beautiful space for our customers to visit for inspiration and to talk in-depth about how we can help. With the latest safety precautions in place, this has limited the ability to visit but using modern technology it is possible to overcome some of the limitations.

Using Zoom or Whatsapp we are able to offer a one to one appointment with us in the showroom. Where we can provide our wealth of knowledge and experience to answer any questions and help guide you in achieving your dream fireplace.

Using live video we can demonstrate our fireplaces and stoves showing all the features and giving inspiration. Although it is not the same as seeing you in person we will do everything we can to help you as best as possible.

Whether it be the coziness of a wood stove or the luxury convenience of a gas fire, we are here to help you make the right choices.

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An alternative Halloween party in front of the fire: 4 fun activities to do around your log burner

It’s autumn again, our favourite time of year. Time to dig out your hats and scarves to enjoy those crisp, nose-nipping days filled with conkers and golden leaves. And with the nights starting to draw in, now is the perfect time to spend a cosy evening around your roaring log burner.

As Halloween rolls around again, things are looking quite a bit different this year. But while large Halloween parties may not be able to go ahead as we’d hoped, there are still plenty of ways for you to embrace the spooky spirit. Here are some ideas to kick off your Halloween spectacular in style.

1. Treat yourself to fire-softened apples

While we might not be able to enjoy apple bobbing parties this year, it doesn’t mean this classic autumn fruit can’t be an integral part of your Halloween celebrations. Have a go at making a soft, sweet apple treat the whole family is sure to enjoy.

What you’ll need:

1 cored apple (any variety will work, but for the best results try a Bramley, Granny Smith or Royal Gala apple)

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon soft brown sugar

  1. To prepare your apple, fill the cored centre with the brown sugar and cinnamon mix. Then wrap the sugary apple in a large piece of foil.

Handy hint: If you twist together the extra foil at the top of the apple, you can make a handle to lift the apple onto the fire.

  1. Carefully place the apple in hot embers of your log burner and let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes, until softened. After the time is up (or until you can’t wait any longer!), carefully remove the apple from the fire and unwrap, being careful to avoid the hot sugar. And voila! One scrummy, fire-softened apple.

2. Tell ghost stories around the fire

What could be a more iconic Halloween tradition than telling ghost stories around the fire? Grab the whole family and see who can tell the scariest tale as you get lost in a world of witches and haunted houses, with just the light of a crackling fire to guide you. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try adding shadow puppets to your story.

So turn off the lights, gather round and tell your spookiest tales… if you dare!

3. Decorate your fireplace with ghosts and ghouls

There’s nothing that says Halloween like a chilling display around the fireplace. While we may not be able to have a room packed with guests this year, that doesn’t mean you should hold back on the decorations. Cobwebs, pumpkins and witches galore, throw everything at it as you create a creepy Halloween display.

Here are some great examples of decorated fireplaces to get your creativity flowing:

If you don’t have arachnophobia, check out this cobweb filled display on Design Improvised.

Spiders around the fireplace

Or if spiders aren’t your thing, take a look at this gorgeous autumnal display on Adventures in Decorating.

Fireplace Autumn

Now get creating! And we’d love to see any pictures of your scariest Halloween log burner displays when you’ve finished – get social and drop us a photo.

4. Make ember-roasted pumpkin

When you’re buying your pumpkins to carve, why not get an extra one and treat yourself to some ember-roasted pumpkin. This classic autumn vegetable is guaranteed to get you in the Halloween mood.

What you’ll need:

1 pumpkin

Ingredients for topping

  1. Place the whole pumpkin into the embers of your log burner and cover it up with ash. Then sit back and let the pumpkin cook for about 3–4 hours or until tender.
  2. When the pumpkin is ready, cut it open and scoop out the soft insides. Now you can get creative with your favourite toppings. Try cheese for a simple treat or if you’re feeling fancy why not have a go with puy lentils and lemon dressing. Or blitz up the pumpkin with stock and roasted garlic for an easy soup.

Also, take a look at this great recipe for baking potatoes on your fire – another perfect autumn warmer!

We hope these four ideas give you some inspiration for your own alternative Halloween party by the fire. We’d love to hear any other ideas you have for how you’re going to make this Halloween special. Or swing by to take a look at our great range of cooking gear in the Ignite showroom– perfect for those long nights by the fire. Hope you’re all enjoying autumn and Happy Halloween everybody!


New environmental rating scheme: clearSkies ahead for log burners

Have you always dreamt about owning your own log burner, but worry about the environmental impact? This is certainly an important consideration when looking to buy a new stove and there are a number of legitimate concerns, especially if you live in an urban area.

The good news though is that installing a new log burner isn’t incompatible with limiting your environmental impact. With the right technology, log burners can be one of the most sustainable ways to heat your home. And buying an environmentally-friendly log burner doesn’t need to cost the earth!

Here are some important pointers to consider when choosing a new stove. These should ensure you limit your environmental impact and don’t fall foul of the new ecodesign regulations, that are set to hit the market in 2022.

A carbon neutral option?

In theory, log burners should be a carbon neutral way to heat your home. By using a log burner, you’re relying on a sustainable resource, rather than energy generated from burning fossil fuels. The carbon released from burning wood is recaptured by new trees grown to replace those felled. So, as long as you are sourcing your wood from local suppliers, you shouldn’t be producing any additional carbon emissions.

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke

However, there are still some serious environmental issues associated with log burners due to their high emissions. One of the main worries people have when buying a stove is the amount of smoke it may produce. No one wants a fireplace huffing out pollution in their front room and heavy smoke emissions can contribute to climate change and cause serious breathing problems. Air quality in UK towns and cities is at a critical point, and the particulates produced by log burning stoves can add to these dangerous levels in polluted areas.

In order to tackle the problem of air pollution, DEFRA has introduced a new Clean Air Strategy which aims to improve air quality and reduce emissions, in particular PM2.5 particulates from sources including; transport, industry, farming and most importantly for us, home. This will include measures such as prohibiting the sale of the most polluting fuels and ensuring that only the cleanest burning stoves are available for sale by 2022. Luckily for consumers and the environment, the UK stove industry has for some time been responding to these changes and improved or introduced stoves that meet or exceed the new 2022 Ecodesign requirements.

Seeing through the smoke

The new EcoDesign regulations, which come into play in the UK in 2022, look to address these environmental problems, making it illegal to manufacture and sell new stoves that don’t meet the specified ecological requirements. The regulations specify a minimum criteria for appliances to achieve in test conditions. The criteria relate to the maximum emission levels of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, organic gaseous compounds and nitrogen oxide, as well as an appliance’s minimum energy efficiency.

Future proof your fireplace with clearSkies certification

Going further than Government legislation and the Ecodesign 2022 specification, many stove manufacturers are looking beyond 2022 and want to improve performance and efficiency. You to, can take further steps to limit your environmental impact by looking out for the clearSkies rating, which confirms an appliance has been independently certified and meets or exceeds Ecodesign regulations.

The ClearSkies scheme is a new initiative pioneered by the UK stove industry to improve on the Ecodesign specifications.  On top of meeting the Ecodesign regulations, all clearSkies stoves at level 3 and above have been verified as meeting DEFRA requirements and can therefore be used in Smoke Control Zones. Ecodesign stoves are already very efficient and produce low emissions but stoves with a higher clearSkies rating are the future, providing improvements of up to 30% on emissions.

At Ignite Stoves, we’re working to limit the environmental impact of our stoves and most of the log burners in our range are clearSkies rated. For example, the popular Charnwood Aire Woodburning Stove and the Phoenix Firegem Eco both have a level 5 rating, along with a large number of the other log burners we offer.

If you want to chat about how to improve reduce the emissions from your fireplace, or want any more information about the new ecodesign regulations and how these changes might apply to you, feel free to pop by our showroom. Or give us a call and we’ll help you find your lean, green wood burning machine.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the clearSkies schemes or Ecodesign legislation you find more information below.

ClearSkies Mark Scheme


The 5 burning questions to ask before buying a new log burner

Buying a new log burner is an exciting journey, but it can be a confusing one too if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. To help make your dream stove a reality, here are five important questions to ask yourself.

1. Why do you want a log burner?

First things first: it’s important to know what you want out of your new log burner. What is it you feel most excited about? Maybe it’s the thought of uniting the whole family on cosy winter evenings; maybe you’re really looking forward to adding some chic sophistication to your living space; or maybe you want an efficient stove that can provide warmth for the whole house.


There are many reasons why people choose to buy a stove and it’s essential to understand your motivations to make sure you end up with the perfect option. Taking that step back and understanding your priorities will help get to the heart of what having a log burner means to you.

2. Where will it go?

Now you know why you want a stove, it’s important to think about the practicalities of where it will actually be positioned. For example, do you have a chimney in your home? If so, the log burner can be easily fitted there. 


If not, don’t panic. It’s still relatively simple to install your new stove with the help of a twin wall flue system through the roof or wall of your building. Also, think about whether you have space to place a log burner and, if not, whether you could re-jig things to make sure you do. And it could be worth considering where you will store the fuel for your stove. You can buy logs in smaller bags, but buying in bulk is definitely more cost effective.


Pin down that illusive dream and work out where your stove will live when it joins the family.

3. What look are you hoping to achieve?

We all have different ideas about what our dream stove will look like and it’s important to consider what particular style it is that you’re searching for. Do you want a modern log burner or are you going for a snug, oldie-worldie look? 


Traditional stoves can be great if you want to create a cosy, country-feel in your home or, if you want a more chic design, a contemporary, streamlined stove might be a better fit. Also, have a think about whether you want your stove to be free-standing or inset and what you would like to surround it.


Knowing what sort of log burner you want will narrow down the different brands and models to meet your desired style considerations.

4. Do you live in a smoke control area?

You also need to determine whether you live in a smoke control area as this could restrict your choice of stove and impact the sort of fuel you can burn. If you live in a smoke control area you’re not allowed to emit smoke from a chimney, unless you are using a DEFRA-exempt stove or burning authorised or smokeless fuel. You can find out if you live in a smoke control area here


At Ignite Stoves most of our stoves are DEFRA-exempt, which means you will be able to use your log burner even in a smoke control area. Also look out for the clear skies sticker to guarantee the lowest levels of pollution from your stove – that way you’re being even more environmentally friendly.

5. What’s your budget?

It’s clearly important to set a realistic budget for your new log burner and work out how much you might be willing to spend to get those extra features. Are you looking for a luxurious, top-of-the-range stove or a cosy, lower cost model? 


If you can stretch to the higher range, there are a wide variety of luxury, premium options to choose from. But if you don’t have a fortune to spend, don’t worry. Buying a high quality log burner is not as expensive as you might think and there are a fantastic selection of lower priced models available. At Ignite Stoves, we have a great range of log burners for all budget levels. Pop into our showroom today – you might be surprised how affordable some of our stoves are.

Next steps…

Once you’ve worked out your answers to these questions, there’ll be nothing to stop you finding the stove of your dreams. If you need any help or want more information about how to find a log burner that’s right for you, then give us a call – we’re here to help and love sharing what we know.

COVID-19 Update

As a small family run business, the safety of our staff and customers is of the utmost importance to us. We had in place measures to increase the protection of ourselves and that of our customers while working in their homes. However, in response to the announcement given by our Prime Minister on the 23rd of March, we will cease all installations and close the showroom for at least three weeks.

We will, however, be contactable via telephone, email and video call. We can, with some degree of accuracy, carry out home surveys using video calls or emails and can also offer consultation over the phone. We will be here to answer any questions give advice or just an ear to talk to if you so wish.

Your custom is important to us, and we want nothing more than everyone to be healthy and safe. As soon as we return to work, we will work tirelessly to remove the backlog of installations and help where ever we can to make your house a home.

2020 will go down in history, and with these new strict requirements; hopefully, we will all be here to tell the story in many years to come of how the country came to a standstill and came together in the face of adversity.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by COVID 19 and especially the healthcare staff who are at the frontline selflessly battling this disease.

Daniel, Tom and the Ignite Team

Charnwood Aire log burning stoves

Our Top 7 Log Burners in 2020

The most popular log burner we have ever sold, the Charnwood C-Five ticks all the right boxes including style, efficiency and ease-of-use.

The C-Five has a similar output to the C-Four but it is built with landscape proportions to take a slightly longer log length; 300mm (12”). The stove is fire brick lined and in certain situations, can be installed without the need for external air due to its rated output of 5kW. This model is SIA Ecodesign ready (blu).


  • 82% Net Efficiency
  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • 5kw Output (2-5.5kw Range)
  • Wood burning option only
  • Cleanburn airwash technology
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • DEFRA exempt for burning wood in smoke control areas


  • Flue boiler
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Rear heatshield
  • Store stand
  • Choice of 8 colours
charnwood c-five wood burner stove
C-Five wood burning stove Charnwood

Our most popular log burner since its launch, the new Aire boast efficiencies of up to 84% and features extra large viewing glass.

The Charnwood Aire delivers a comfortable 2-5kW of heat to the room with a crystal clear burn and remarkable controllability. Deliberately designed to maximise the view of the fire the minimal styling of the Aire fits comfortably into virtually any fireside situation whether it be freestanding or within a traditional fireplace.


  • 5kw Output (range 2kw-7kw)
  • Efficiency 84%
  • Cleanburn Airwash technology
  • SIA Eco Design Ready
  • Exceeds new Eco Design standards
  • Quattroflow air management system
  • Cool-to-touch handle for safe and easy reloading
  • Dropdown throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • Meets the UK building requirements for installation with a 12mm non-combustible hearth


  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Choice of 8 colours
Charnwood Aire Woodburning Ecodesign stove

Slick, modern and efficient, this log burner is one of our most popular choices for people wanting a freestanding stove.

Choose the Contura 510 Style stove if you want to position your stove in a corner. The large glass door spreads the light and heat around the room. The Contura 510 Style stove with cast iron door has been rejuvenated in Style, with larger glass areas in the door and an even more efficient firebox. The new handles do not get hot and are integrated into the front of the stove.


  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • Suitable for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Nominal output: 5 kW (Range 3-7 kW)
  • Efficiency: 79%
  • Wood length: 33 cm


  • Choice of 2 colours
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
510 woodburning stove
fireplace and stove install by ignite stoves & fires

With double doors, this log burner is exactly what some of our customers are searching for. Efficient and easy to use, as well as stylish.

The Charnwood Island I is the smallest stove in the Island collection. Its uncomplicated looks and gentle curves ensure it sits well in any situation; be it modern or traditional. Delivering an output of 2-7kW of heat the All New Island I, in certain situations, can be installed without the need for external air. This stove meets Clean Air Act requirements and boasts an efficiency of over 85% and an extremely low smoke particle level of 9mg/m3 (the Ecodesign limit is 40mg/m3).


  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • 5kw Output (2-7kw Range)
  • Cleanburn airwash technology
  • Quattroflow air management system
  • Converting grate
  • One tool to open the door, de-ash and empty
  • Cool-to-touch for safe and easy reloading
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • Smoke reducing kit available for DEFRA exemption for burning wood in smoke control areas
  • Meets the UK building requirements for installation with a 12mm non-combustible hearth


  • Flue boiler
  • External Air Manifold
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Choice of 8 colours
The All New Island 1 Multi-Fuel Stove

Looks great freestanding or in a traditional fireplace, the i5 is one of our most popular log burners. Efficient and has a phenomenal range of output.

Contura i5 is designed with the same modern design idiom and attention to detail as all of Conturas fireplaces. It blends easily into the environment at the same time as it gives the room a new sense of style.

With the new, efficient combustion technology in Contura i5, the logs last longer and soot is minimised so that the fire is always visible through large, clean glass. Available with a Panoramic or Double door.


  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • Suitable for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Nominal output: 5 kW (Range 3-9 kW)
  • Efficiency: 79%
  • Wood length: 35 cm


  • Choice of 2 colours
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
Contura i5 log burner
Contura woodburning stove

Easy to light and boasting extremely effective air wash technology, the Firegem is low maintenance and easy to use.

This slender contemporary stove, with a depth of only 317mm, is ideal for shallow fireplaces or where you do not want too much protrusion into the room. A wide glass door gives a great view of the hypnotic flames, providing a beautiful focal point to any home.


  • 5kw Output
  • Efficiency 77.90%
  • Flue outlet size: 5″
  • Exceptionally easy to light and control
  • Advanced cleanburn airwash technology
  • Suitable for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Full riddling grate and ash pan
  • Cool to touch stainless steel handle
  • Slender depth stove


  • 835mm Tall Integral log store
  • Choice of 5 colours
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Rear heat shield (reduces the distance to combustibles to the rear of the stove)
Woodwarm Firegem Convector Muti-Fuel Stove
Woodwarm Firegem Multi-Fuel Stove

Our go-to log burner when we only have a builders opening to work with, the i4 is probably our most popular inset wood burner.

Contura i4 Modern transforms an old fireplace into an efficient and environmentally sound heat source, without losing its personality. Choose between a modern or a more classic design. The fire can be clearly seen in both models and lights up the entire room.

Contura i4 is designed for burning wood or smokeless fuel and it is easy to switch between fuel types. The Ci4 will also fit into a standard builders opening.


  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • Suitable for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Nominal output: 4 kW (Range 3-5 kW)
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Wood length: 25 cm


  • Choice of 2 colours
i4 contura stove fireplace
Contura i4 woodburning and multi fuel