How hot do you need it?

Heat Output Calculator

This heat output calculator can be used as a guide to help you choose the correct size stove for your home. It is meant as a guide only and cannot substitute talking with a specialist, if you have any questions do not hesitate to talk to us.

How to use this calculator

This calculator is meant as a guide only as there can be important factors that impact the actual heat requirement. You shouldn’t also look stoves with the exact heat output power suggested but consider stoves within the recommended range.

The most important thing you must do when considering your stove heat output is DO NOT base your decision on the size of your fireplace opening. By doing this, it can lead to massively oversizing the stove for the room and becoming ineffective.

  1. Enter the dimensions of your room in metres.
  2. Select how well insulated the room is:
    1. Good insulation – As a general rule, houses built after 1990 would be considered to have good insulation. Or older homes that have been well-insulated with new double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation etc., will fall into this category.
    2. Average insulation – This should be used if you are unsure, but in general, houses built pre-1990 or well-insulated homes with large external windows or a large percentage of external walls.
    3. Poor Insulation – Older properties that are typically drafty with little to no insulation will fall into this category.

Other Considerations

Many factors can impact the actual heat requirement. The best way to ensure you have the correct stove for the job is to speak to a specialist. We survey every home before carrying out installations to ensure you get the best, sound advice and have the correct stove your home.

We will consider, location, lifestyle, occupants, adjoining rooms and position of the stove.

Nominal and heat output range

When we list a stoves heat output, it is typically the nominal heat output which is what the stove has been rated at with its associated efficiency rating.

i.e. 5Kw heat output at 80% efficiency

Every good stove will also have a range of heat outputs depending upon air control settings and fuel within the stove. This is the “heat output range” which can be achieved by the stove. We also consider this when advising our customers as it can be crucial.

i.e. 5Kw heat output (range 2Kw – 6kW)

This means this stove will run at a nominal heat output of 5Kw but can range from 2Kw to 6Kw. So when the room is at a comfortable temperature, you can regulate the heat to maintain comfort levels.