Ecodesign Ready Stoves

Ecodesign is the European-wide directive to lower emissions. It is due to come into force in the UK in 2022, for wood burning stoves. The main manufacturers in the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) have developed stoves for sale that meet the lower emission limits now and will only manufacture Ecodesign compliant stoves from 2020, two years ahead of schedule. The stoves will be branded with the SIA Ecodesign Ready label that will inform consumers that the stove will meet the new stringent emission limits.

Speaking at the launch of SIA Ecodesign Ready on behalf of Dr. Thérèse Coffey Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment, Simon Hoare MP, said:
“The Ecodesign Ready brand is a great example of industry taking the lead to promote the benefits of more efficient and cleaner technologies and bringing them to the market. Ecodesign Ready stoves will help to cut air pollution. Therefore Defra and the Minister welcome this proactive approach.’’

All stoves on this page already meet or exceed the Ecodesign requirements.