At home by the fire

At home by the fire

At home by the fire is a guest blog written by Emily and Rob Inman with the purpose of giving an insight into life living with a Wood burning stove.

Ignite Stoves & Fireplaces supplied and installed their Charnwood Arc stove into their beautiful central Lincoln home in September 2016. Since installation the young family have been documenting their experiences and sharing with us all what life is like, living with a wood stove.

Our Home. Our Style.




I cant talk enough about how many compliments our stove now brings. I feel a lot of it is to do with how we have styled it into our house in our open plan living and adding the fire is something that we never could have even imagined would change the house the way it has done. With a very minimalist take on style (well not that minimalist when all the kids stuff is out) I have found that having less out has created a much bigger and open space.