Riva2 F670 Gas Stove


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Combining exceptional aesthetics with the latest gas fire innovations, the Gazco Riva2 F670 Glass gas stove provides high efficiency heating whilst effortlessly creating a stunning focal point in any setting.

The F670’s realistic log-effect fire is complimented by Gazco’s EchoFlame Black Glass lining, which enhances the depth of the fire by mirroring the flames on three sides. This lining can be optionally replaced with either Vermiculite, Brick-effect or Black Reeded, for an alternative backdrop to the flames.


  • 3.20 – 5.60kw Output
  • Efficiency 76% Conventional Flue
  • Efficiency 82% Balanced Flue
  • Realistic log effect
  • Black Glass finish


  • Standard remote control
  • Programmable thermostatic remote control
  • Black Reeded, Brick effect and Vermiculite finishes available