52 Woodburning Stove

Contura Stoves

Who doesn’t love cast iron? The easily formed, tough and beautiful material has been used for so many appliances through our history. Things that should be really stable, strong and heavy are made of cast iron – manhole covers and Grandma’s frying pan, for example. This is the tradition behind Contura’s tough and modern cast iron stoves, designed by young Swedish designers.

The Contura 52 has hot air vents on both sides. The whole of the top functions as a hot plate. A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines, removable handle and single air-control for practical functionality in a timelessly classic design.

Nominal output: 5 kW
Efficiency: 81%
Height: 825 mm
Width: 495 mm
Depth: 420 mm
Weight: 135 kg
Colour: Black or grey
Wood length: 35 cm


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