Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a chimney for a wood burning stove?

The short answer is no. You can install a wood burning stove in properties without a traditional chimney via a twin wall flue system. The existence of these systems means that a stove can be installed in almost any location on any property.


Are wood burning stoves safe?

All good quality wood burning stoves are very safe providing they have been installed professionally and to a high quality. It is always important to choose an installer that is HETAS certified. HETAS is the most recognised Competent Person Scheme (CPS) specialising in the installation of solid fuel, wood and biomass technologies in the UK.


How much does it cost to install a wood burning stove?

The cost of installation varies depending on the type of install, for example fitting a stove in an existing fireplace that needs no building work and dropping a liner down an existing chimney system will cost much less than a twin wall flue installation.

At Ignite we offer the complete package from start to finish meaning you’ll have no need to hire separate builders and plasterers.

In order to better understand your requirements, please click here to book a free survey. A survey will allow us to give you an accurate breakdown of all costs involved.


How big a log burner do I need?

This will depend on lots of different factors including the area of your property you wish the stove to reside, the age of the property and the insulation within the property for example. It is best to seek the advice of a qualified stove installer/supplier in order to get the correct information. Online calculators don’t always take into account certain factors and therefore can sometimes give readings that lead to people buying the wrong size stove.


What can you burn in a multi fuel stove?

In a multi fuel stove you can burn wood, wood briquettes and smokeless coal. Be sure to look out for the Woodsure logo when considering buying seasoned or kiln dried wood. When buying briquettes or smokeless coal, make sure that it’s good quality or you can risk decreasing the life expectancy of your flue liner or the stove itself.


What is the smallest wood burning stove available?

This will of course change depending on each stove supplier, however the smallest wood burning stove available at Ignite Stoves & Fires is the Charnwood C-four.


Who should I get to install the stove?

You should employ a reputable, well known HETAS certified installer/company to install your stove. Every HETAS installer will have a HETAS number proving their certification for the safe and reliable installation of stoves.


Where do I start when looking for a stove?

When looking for a stove it is best to look online or in dealer showrooms to get an idea of the type of stove that would suit your home. The next step would be to discuss options with a qualified and reputable supplier in order to get an idea of cost. If you have an existing fireplace where you want the stove to reside, then it is best to take a picture and take this to a showroom if you are seeking advice.