What was life like before fire?


I have been mulling on this question for ages and wondering what life was like before we had a fire. Seems strange, but if you know me personally you will have heard about how our life has changed since the installation of the fire and how much we highly recommend getting one.

I always think the biggest thing for us is that it came at the right time. It was the end of September and Raph had started back at school. Etta and I were at home more and more due to my job role and home was such a solid place for us. Since then, life has thrown me ups and downs and I find myself drawn to staying at home more and more. And even when we have holidayed, I have had no fear of the return home, the holiday blues or any negative needs to be away as I simply love our space.

What a fire has created for us is this amazing suction; a drawing in effect between all of us who simply love our space. I know I always go on about it and, yes, I feel very strongly about it, but our stove burning brings such a wonderful aspect to our home and life that I tell everyone to get one so they can experience that same feeling!

I don’t know if you have ever seen the 80s Tom Hanks film ‘The Money Pit’ but that is a comical story of a couple building what should be their dream home and finding out it has everything wrong with it and it is almost unfixable. I think it is a great representation of the emotions everyone goes through when they do any kind of building work to a house and one of the best lines in it is when Tom’s character expresses the phrase “Home, Crap Home”. It makes me laugh every time as I think it is a feeling we all know. The mess, the junk, the overbearing bills, all culminate into such an eloquent phrase, and I find such truth in it. We were there but now I look around and think, we are so beyond this. In fact the phrase “Home, Sweet Home” isn’t one I would ever use, but in this case and since getting the fire especially, home is such a sweeeet place to be!