Spring Time Hygge


I haven’t spoken about Hygge for ages. You know that wonderful Scandinavian way of life which is all focused around warming comfort. The ideal cosy life which stirs up all those lovely feelings deep inside you. Well I think it’s because we have passed out of what we would traditional see as the Hygge period and into a time where winter’s cold is becoming a forgotten thing. It only takes a good few days of blue skies and sunshine to get us all feeling better, but that in itself got me thinking: Where’s my springtime Hygge?

We are on the cusp of British summer and for all of us we are starting to bare our feet and wear the occasional pair of shorts, but there are still so many comforting things that are keeping me happy from deep within. Like this evening; swimming lessons got cancelled at the last minute and instead of sitting in front of the TV the kids were outside having a water fight with their dad. Gosh, when I was younger we loved getting water out. Any chance on a hot day was awesome and even though it meant seeing my dad freak out from the trail of grass and mud that then went through the house after water fights, they were always worth it. It was always then the coming in and diving into a hot bath, then getting warm clothes on that completed the feeling. That snuggling feeling from having a chill and then replenishing the warmth. That is exactly what our kids have done tonight and it’s so nice to see. Aside from actually being warm, there are loads of other things I have recognised as Hygge. Enjoying spring blooms, Peonies especially which only flower between May and June; that, that is a deep love. They are just so beautiful and to get some at home really is a special treat. Then you’ve got sports and, for us, we have started truly enjoying Raph’s tennis lessons on a different level. Sitting court side with the sun still high really makes you wish for strawberries and cream and once again you are having those familiar happy feelings of just becoming totally comfortable and happy in the purest way.

I can’t wait for long walks on the beach and picnic teas, everything that makes summer so special and brings in that truly comforting feeling that is best described as Hygge.

And look at that, not one mention of the fire ?