Wood Storage Is Always Changing


It is safe to say we are most suprised by the ammount of wood we have used since instaling the fire. We always knew we would get a storve but for the last 3 years it was very much only a plan. In that time though we built a wood store and started collecting. We had Three years of collected dry wood ready to burn untill we found out that you really need split wood to burn best. So Rob started the process of cutting every sacked log up to more approriate sized logs for the fire. Obviously this wasnt an activity to do at once, over the winter he has just removed and replaced as he has worked his way through. However now, with less wood we have become our most organised with it.

A few months ago Rob built a divider in the store to seperate perfect wood for burning and the rest of the wood. This was then what he filled up as he chopped on a weekly baisis. Now though he has sperated the wood with a third section so we have wet wood, dry biger wood and then still the wood perfect for going sraight in the fire. Seperate to this we also have a kindling bucket which holds the best sized wood for starting a fire. We now feel that our practice in woo storing is better than ever and that we can burn much more effectively because of it.