Decorating your home for spring.


I am a really big lover of having fresh flowers at home. One thing I have really noticed over winter is that the flowers and the fire do not like each other. It is safe to say that the downstairs to our home has never been warmer and because of this my usual abundance of fresh flowers has been dramatically cut as I noticed that they simpy did not last. I made the decision to start buying a few house plants instead knowing that they would actually benifit from the warmth and heat and enjoy the more greenhouse effet that our home now has instead of fresh blooms.

Luckily our kitchen has cool worksufaces and is does not meat the bare heat that flowers would in the living room so I can still enjoy them in there but like I said it is the house plants and succulents I have brought more recently that are really thriving!

I first noticed that my Aloe Vera plant was positively blooming as we went into winter and could onl put that down to its warm environment. Since then I have got myself a Swiss Cheese plant, a Dracena plant and a Kentia palm.With a water every 1 to 2 weeks these plants are truly thriving in the warmth of the house as they naturally are meant to live in much warmer climates.


The bold use of green against our white walls really pops and as I have said, the heat is not hindering them at all, infact I think I am already slighty in summer mode on sunny days as the bright light, tropical plants and warmth from the fire tricks me into thinking it is actually warm outside.


Bringing in greenery though is still filling that void of losing fresh flowers in our living area and allows me to still faff and potter about in my care for them as I would have done before.


House plants are also on the rise again in terms of home interiors and current trends pip them to be one of the most important home accessories of 2017. With their natural propertines of cleaning air and providing a sense of peace, introducing house plants to your home is something that is not out dated but truly in fashion. Untill this year I would have never had accents of green but since Pantone released there colour of the year as Greenery I was intreguied how I could inject that colour without painting walls or changeing the colour scheemes of our home. Plants have given the room that up to date feel and look fantastic against our furniture and colours of our room furniture.


If you were worried about using plants in the same room as a stove, fear no more. This is a perfect combination!