New modern medication.


I often talk about how much I love heat and especially on my back. It is strange, just one of those things I suppose, but I find so much comfort in sitting in front of the fire and letting the heat envelope me from behind. I find it such a heeling thing too, very much a way to really warm my soul and stir up such comforting emotions inside of me.

My favourite spot in the house is just in front of the fire. One of the children’s wooden stools is a perfect sized seat to perch on and I lean of the sofa arm and the heat just pours into me filling my body and soothing the day’s aches and pains.

In my experience, I have always been like that, a lover of hot water bottles, a sitter in front of radiators. In fact before we converted our home we had a gas fire and I would lay in front of it like a cat, especially when I was pregnant with our first child.


Not only do I feel this physical heeling through warmth, with having a real stove, and one which has a visible flame, I find it so peaceful to watch and almost get lost in seeing the flames dance around. From the winter depression we can all suffer with, I have found that the fire controls that in such a way that this year I can’t remember once feeling depressed about the cold. Maybe that was because we just locked ourselves in the house and just enjoyed being in the warm environment, but with a fire the natural warmth brings so much more pleasure than central heating ever brought us. It is definitely to do with the nature side of it; the wood gather, etc. But still, I feel winter has just passed by with absolutely no lasting sting of been bitterly cold.


It is only our burner that has been the main source of heeling for me. Having suffered a bad head injury at the beginning of the year, I have found such comfort in our home and in the fire. As I said before I love that heat to surround me and truly think a stove is definitely a form of modern medicine.