March Is Here


What we have just discovered is the best thing about having a real stove in our home is the saving we have made on our energy bills. It might seem a bit silly to even think about them, but it actually is one of the questions most asked. For us, our home and downstairs place isn’t huge and it is open plan, so heat travels well around the area. But the heat must also travel upstairs, as when we first put the stove in we decided to turn the heating off, and that was at the end of September, so we have lived a winter and now have results on how well we have done.


It was colder upstairs but we have only had heating on for one hour in the morning (6-7am) and one in the evening (6-7pm). These are the times we get up and when the children go to bed so it has made sense to warm the bedrooms up a little more. I must be honest, there was probably a handful of days when I put the heating on additionally to help dry washing, etc. but not many times at all.


We received that quarters bill through the post the other day and we are happy to say that our bill was halved. We couldn’t believe it. What a saving after introducing such a luxury item into our home. It proves its worth and in fact will become a necessity because of the saving it could make us.

We didn’t really know what to expect, but the fact is we have comfortably lived through the coldest months of the year and now we have a very early spring, it still keeps us totally comfortable and I am sure we will begin the slow process of using it less and less. I dread that a little though, not lighting a fire each day (sad face), however I suppose now we are stove people, we can play to our own rules and if we are chilly we can do what ever we want. It doesn’t cost us anything, therefore we will use it until our hearts are content.