Our Home. Our Style.




I cant talk enough about how many compliments our stove now brings. I feel a lot of it is to do with how we have styled it into our house in our open plan living and adding the fire is something that we never could have even imagined would change the house the way it has done. With a very minimalist take on style (well not that minimalist when all the kids stuff is out) I have found that having less out has created a much bigger and open space.

Putting in the fire has also made an artistic focal point which allows for it to become a huge talking point as it is such a brilliant piece to focus on. With the simplicity of the plain white walls, use of mirrors and a very visible pink sideboard, our house is mixing modern trends of minimalism with the simplicity from Danish interior ideas of mixing simplicity with white.

When I first started dreaming about my home as an engaged woman I was very into wanting to create a little country style house in the middle of a city. For a time it worked, using pretty vintage inspired trends to decorate our home, but as time moved on and the home expanded it became a style I moved away from. I more quickly became a fan of keeping it simple; white walls and lots of wood. Real wood floors, dining table made from floor boards, wooden cladded extension (you see what I mean). But in the past few years I have tried to minimalise more, not to have a boring house but to create more space by keeping it really simple. I find that white is the key and creating a continual line is so important. You could do it with any colour, but for me, to keep it bright, white is the only way to go. When choosing our stove I really wanted a light colour one, but after discussion with Daniel from IGNITE he showed us some very cool modern style fires that I have now discovered suit our home very well.

I have this little infatuation with the Scandianvian way of life, not that my actual practice of it is amazing, but I do find it so interesting and from an interiors point of view, they very much believe living with less clutter and distraction from the ever rapidly changing modern world is how you create a perfect home. They also believe strongly in Hygge and how important fire is in that concept, so being able to have a fire at home is an absolute thumbs up for styling for them.

Our ARC stove brings nothing but a sense of coolness. It looks cool, does cool things with the air (in technical terms, it burns off its own gases, which is a huge new thing in stove tech) and absolutely adds a central eye attracting display to our home making it the centre of attention. Which is most definitely a position it should be in!