February is another step towards spring!


Just when you start to think that winter is going to last forever February is a little reminder that there aren’t many more weeks to spring. It always starts with those first few spottings of Snowdrops; the perfect white flower to show that springtime beauty is on its way.

Spring flowers are always a lovely reminder of the joys to come. I find that Snowdrops are just the start, the little soloist in an absolute chorus of beauty that will fill you winter heart with excitement. February is a month when we all get this willingness for the winter to be over. By this time all the shops are stocking sandals and t-shirts tricking us into thinking that we are close to summer time but we are not. Don’t be fooled. I love the spring, I mean I don’t mind winter (now we have our stove) but those spring months are just so pretty. Yes they can be wet, we are all accustomed to April Showers but Spring is a season to be embraced. I am so interested to see how we use our stove. I am already predicting that we will just keep it going til August (knowing this country) but that isn’t a bad thing. We only have our central heating on for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening so for us our fire is all we really use to heat our house. The spring temperatures will not stop us using it at all and I am hoping that heading into the lighter months we can appreciate even more of the usefulness of a real fire in the home.