Discovering Hygge


If you have never heard of the word Hygge before, fear not, you will quickly see that it isn’t anything too complex that you need to learn about. You will also probably find that it is something that you partake in regularly but we would just refer to it as something else. Hygge, which is actually pronounced Hue-gah, is a Danish term used to describe a feeling or an environment that you have when you are blissfully happy.

It would normally be in a situation with nature or in ones home or even by a meaningful event or situation. Hygge is an overwhelming feeling of contentment which allows one to feel truly happy, from deep within. To become more Scandinavian is a bit of a style trend at the moment but it is because they seem to be getting it right in all areas of life. They are classed as the happiest people in the world and this is one of their main reasons why. The whole ethos of Hygge is to find comfort in the simple, no-fuss related way of life. It is very much about introducing things into your life that bring comfort and make life cosy, but in a really easy way. One main feature of creating Hygge is to do with fire. Its ability to make a home cosy is quite inexplainable and the feeling that one gets having a fire in their home is well, quite complete. I must say, my experience of Hygge is about finding a centre. A part of life that isn’t filled with the gadgets or technology but filled with this wholesome presence in our home. Since having a stove put in we have become more drawn to be here, as I said in previous posts there is definitely a want to be at home now, more than there was before. When we are at home it only takes for me to light the fire and I find this hearty warmth that was never delivered by our central heating. It is this wholesome warmth that you get with having a real fire that gives me this Hygge feeling. This feeling of completeness from simple things.