Finding Home A Comfort


It is funny how seasonally your mood towards homes change. I think you are a lucky person if you love your home so much that you would rather be there than anywhere else. In the summer when it is warm we can all agree that adventure is waiting and it is easy for us to want to get out and go off all day, but as soon as that turn in season comes in and autumn quickly fades to winter it is safe to say that home becomes a fortress of comfort and our want to stay in more comes upon us tenfold.

Since having our fire installed, our call to be at home has never been stronger, we are so comfortable in the setting and once the clocks changed and darkness fell so much earlier it gave us a good excuse to be able to stay indoors a bit more.


The only problem I have found with that is that we have naturally become a bit reclusive! But is that a problem really? I don’t think so. I have a strong desire to just want to get in and get a fire lit and enjoy a day pottering, and by pottering I usually mean getting through piles of washing and enjoying many cups of tea!

Most days, we know I will be home all day I will come straight in from the school run and light a fire. As we have not had to use our central heating much due to having the fire installed I have found that I need to be good and coming in and spending a bit of time tending to it to feel the benefits for the rest of the day. It doesn’t take long and once it is going and warming the house I find my daughter Etta and I can relax so much more. Not only is the glow something so comforting on a grey day but I find myself throwing the sheepskin rug down and we find ourselves eating and just playing in front of it.


It is easy to find home so comforting when you make it warm and welcoming. I still love a good brisk walk and that ‘getting out and about’ call I get to come home is stronger than ever and I am happy with that. It’s like I just know it is where my life is, so being able to be at home, enjoying our space and finding great comfort in that is something I am really going to enjoy in these winter months.