Life With A Stove


Having had our new Charnwood ARC stove fitted in September we are now asking ourselves “what did we do before it?” It is crazy how our evenings revolve around it and how it has completely changed the way we relax on an evening.
If I have been at home all day then usually by mid afternoon I have lit the stove, had it burning and warming the house before Etta and I head out on the school run to pick up Raph. There is something quite amazing about walking into a warm house, and one warmed by a fire, well, that is truly special.
We are lucky. The way we have extended our house has turned it somewhat into just one, open living space, so the warm really does hit when you walk in. It is a very heart warming welcome home, especially as the weather has taken a dive this week and it has become very cold.


Keeping it going then from the school return, through our family dinner and then into Rob’s and my evening, relaxing is so easy. With the storage underneath the fire, we just stack it up before we properly settle down and every so often throw a log on the fire. It is almost getting to the stage where we are just beginning to both want to curl up in front of it. I can fully understand why animals love it so and it doesn’t help that I have put a super soft sheepskin rug in front of it making an evening getting absorbed into the TV with the glowing warm of the fire on your back just too much of a distraction and we are just sitting for hours feeling quite content with life.

image2-2 Our life has changed so much since getting the stove, our want to feel more cosy and hibernate a bit has definitely come hand in hand with having it installed, but also, we have wanted to get out on walks so we can almost purposefully get that homely feeling when we all pile back in through the doors.

So when people ask me how life is with a stove, well, for us it is like something has just pulled us all back together, where Rob and I both stop to sit and get cosy with the kids and truly enjoy the autumn months in our little home.