At home by the fire

At home by the fire

At home by the fire is a guest blog written by Emily and Rob Inman with the purpose of giving an insight into life living with a Wood burning stove.

Ignite Stoves & Fireplaces supplied and installed their Charnwood Arc stove into their beautiful central Lincoln home in September 2016. Since installation the young family have been documenting their experiences and sharing with us all what life is like, living with a wood stove.

Discovering Hygge


If you have never heard of the word Hygge before, fear not, you will quickly see that it isn’t anything too complex that you need to learn about. You will also probably find that it is something that you partake in regularly but we would just refer to it as something else. Hygge, which is actually pronounced Hue-gah, is a Danish term used to describe a feeling or an environment that you have when you are blissfully happy.READ MORE

Finding Home A Comfort


It is funny how seasonally your mood towards homes change. I think you are a lucky person if you love your home so much that you would rather be there than anywhere else. In the summer when it is warm we can all agree that adventure is waiting and it is easy for us to want to get out and go off all day, but as soon as that turn in season comes in and autumn quickly fades to winter it is safe to say that home becomes a fortress of comfort and our want to stay in more comes upon us tenfold.READ MORE

Becoming A Wood Cutter


It’s safe to say that Rob has a thing about fire. Having had a stove put in I have questioned actually just how many men probably have “a thing” about fires. It seems that when the team from IGNITE came over, there seemed to be a common consensus that actually, all the guys enjoyed making and watching fire. And why not? There is something quite awesome about just sitting and watching the flames burn, almost mesmerising, that dance that is performed before your eyes.READ MORE

Life With A Stove


Having had our new Charnwood ARC stove fitted in September we are now asking ourselves “what did we do before it?” It is crazy how our evenings revolve around it and how it has completely changed the way we relax on an evening.
If I have been at home all day then usually by mid afternoon I have lit the stove, had it burning and warming the house before Etta and I head out on the school run to pick up Raph. There is something quite amazing about walking into a warm house, and one warmed by a fire, well, that is truly special.READ MORE